getting physical

Movement is an essential part of a healthy childhood.  Students who are able to move throughout the day are often healthier and more curious than peers who are stuck at desks all day.  Friends Meeting School builds movement into every student's day, ranging from outdoor walks between classes to the intensity of our athletic program.

recess & flex time

All students, from Kindergarten through High School, are given time to move on their own. "Recess" in the Lower School gives way to "Flex" time in the Middle and High Schools, but both have the same goal: give students space and time to move around of their own accord, developing active social habits and adding a much-needed break to the middle of everyone's day.

Outdoor activity

Every level of our program incorporates some time outdoors.  From weekly nature trail hikes (in the Lower School) to intense environmental examinations by the AP Environmental Science class, our campus offers opportunities for all sorts of active learning.

physical education for all

Friends Meeting School has doubled down on its Physical Education program, giving students of all ages a chance to practice their physical movement and learn new, active skills.  The High School graduation requirements include two years of low-pressure P.E., helping even the most inactive students to build more healthy habits.

equal opportunity Athletics

Our inclusive Athletics program offers all students in grades 5-12 the chance to be part of a team, and gives those students with experience the chance to lead one.  Sports opportunities include Soccer, Cross-Country, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field.