Grow With Us

Our K-4 students are responsible for our 5 organic raised garden beds, from beginning to end. Students select the seeds that they plant, cultivate their crops, and reap the rewards of a good harvest!

Lower School (k-4)

Active Learning Every Day

When young children love school, they’ll develop positive habits and goals that last a lifetime. At the beginning, Friends Meeting School presents students with active, play-based lessons, conditioning them with the concept that learning is a joyful process that leads to success and satisfaction.  These habits serve them well, making obstacles easier to overcome as learning grows more academic through the years.

This often translates to measurable academic excellence, as students who began their career at Friends Meeting School have been measured to be more than a whole grade ahead of the national average by the end of 4th grade.

Cultivating Unique Minds

No two students are the same. Our small classes, of 5-15 students, give each student space to develop individually, with the personal attention they each deserve. 

Hands-on learning opportunities like our "Great Garden Heroes" gardening program help students of all learning styles truly absorb their lessons.  Science, Social Studies, Math and Language lessons all get hands-on attention, bringing active & kinesthetic children something to rejoice about!

Digging Deep

Our 54-acre campus has become an outdoor learning laboratory. Students explore firsthand the flora and fauna that are attracted to our butterfly garden, organic garden beds, community farm, nature trails, and natural habitats (including a creek, forest, meadow, wetlands, and more).  

Curiosity + Creativity = Innovation

Imagination is the young person's version of problem-solving. When we harness the imagination, and cultivate those creative thoughts that children have, we can help them learn to embrace their own unique ways to overcome obstacles in the future.  Innovation doesn't happen without creativity!  With 8 students per class (on average), it's easy for our teachers to allow each student to find their own path.

Each Child To Their Highest Potential

Our readiness-based classes allow students to advance at their highest potential, joining higher grades for the subjects they excel at, and staying at grade level when added pressure would be counterproductive. Students from a wide range of grades often collaborate on larger projects, giving new perspectives to the younger students and leadership opportunities to the older ones.

A Sense Of Responsibility

The values of our Responsive Classrooms (see video) give students a sense of empowerment and ownership of their learning, allowing for student-led projects & lessons, and building a strong community bond through empathy and other social skills.

Respect (x3)

Our "Community Rule" covers all the bases, and provides a solid baseline for the consensus rules that the students create each year.

Respect Your Self

Our passionate teachers value each student's voice, and use the school's motto—Seek and Speak Truth and Love—as a guiding force, helping each student to be true to his- or herself, and learn to express their beliefs in a way that brings people together.

Dress codes and strict guidelines are replaced by a single "Community Rule," giving young students the flexibility their active minds require, while staying within a framework based on mutual trust.

In one of the most-watched TED talks of all time, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for our education model, which nurtures creativity.