Nature & the Outdoors

Learning, from the Ground Up

Mother Nature plays a vital role at Friends Meeting School.  Our expansive outdoor campus supports our students' active lives every day, when children of all ages explore and traverse the natural world around them—even when simply walking between classes.  From our youngest students' regular hikes through 50 acres of farmland and forest, to our High School Biology classes' direct access to 7 unique biomes, Science and Nature intermingle at all levels of our program. 

Click to Enlarge. Our 50 acres offer plenty of room to explore!

Gardens & Farms

Kids of all ages learn firsthand where food comes from. Our youngest students manage their very own organic gardens, while older students work with our on-site farm and aquaponic greenhouse!


Human Nature 

Outdoor classrooms and activities (like weekly hikes) help the students stay connected to the natural world around them.


Taking Care

Our annual Stewardship Day is just one of many days when students work together, outside the classroom, to take responsibility for the spaces that are important to them.