At Friends Meeting School we nurture the mind, body, and spirit of every student.

There are many facets to life at FMS. Rigorous academics are woven together with physical activity, performing and visual arts, community service, and ethical and spiritual development.

Our school community is comprised of learners of all ages including students, staff, parents, and neighbors. We share our experience with each other and respect the perspectives of each other in the pursuit of truth and excellence.

Our goal is to cultivate the whole student so they are prepared to be engaged, active citizens in their communities and the larger world.

Our Academic Program

At Friends Meeting School we frequently use the term lively and rigorous to describe our academic program. Our teachers plan their lessons to achieve specific goals and hardly ever do those plans include long lecture periods.

At FMS we believe that students learn best when they engage many of their senses simultaneously. Teachers may determine the lesson goals, but students' intelligences dictate how those goals are communicated and learned.

At FMS we subscribe to Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory. Our teachers develop differentiated lesson plans to address the intelligences and skills of all students in a class. By doing so students in a single class may come not just to learn, but to understand a lesson through any number of activities.

We are far more interested in what students learn than in trying to teach them in a single style.