Admissions Process

What can you expect during the admissions process? It all begins with an inquiry. Some people call, some visit us at open houses, some meet us at school fairs or community service events, some inquire via the internet. We recommend people familiarize themselves with Friends Meeting School by reading about us on this website. We encourage parents to talk to other parents who have students attending here. We encourage parents to talk to students who go here.

The next step is to call and speak with Trey Harris at 301-798-0288 ext 123. She will answer your questions and arrange for a visit to the school. Some parents choose to come alone and some choose to bring their child to the first tour. On the tour you will see the school facility, meet with the Head of School, and, if possible, the teacher or teachers of the grade your student will be entering. If you have not already received an information packet you will receive one along with application forms after the tour.

Included in the application forms are student recommendation forms. We suggest that you have these forms completed as soon as you decide to apply. After submitting an application we will set up an appointment for your student to come spend a day with us. Your student will shadow a specific student in their grade as they go through their day. This gives your child a good sense of the school day and the people in the community. Likewise, it gives our students and staff a chance to meet your prospective student. During the day your child will be pulled from a class and given a series of placement tests. These tests give us a sense of your student's ability and will assist us in placing him or her at an appropriate level upon admission. When you return to school to pick up your child you will spend a few minutes with the head or assistant head of school to go over the test results and receive answers to any additional questions you may have.

After your child's day-long visit we gather comments from teachers, staff, and students who interacted with him or her. Once we have received the complete application packet a determination is made as to whether or not your student is a good fit for our community and if our program is a good match for your student. Assuming it would be mutually beneficial to have your student attend FMS, a contract may be offered depending on space availability. Returning students receive preference as to placement in a class that may be full. It is possible that your student would be added to a wait list. We notify wait listed students of space availablity as soon as it is know. We recommend every new and returning family return their contracts for the following year as quickly as possible.

In the event a family requests financial aid, the appropriate forms are provided to the family. All financial aid decisions are made as quickly as possible. Some families who require substantial amounts of financial aid may have to wait to learn if the school can provide sufficient aid to allow their child to attend. Please click the financial aid tab on the left for more information.