Community Service

Friends Meeting School wants to graduate students who are knowledgeable, insightful, and engaged citizens. To do this, students must grow in their understanding of their place in the greater world.

Starting in pre-kindergarten, students learn about the surrounding area and the people who live and work there. As students grow and mature, their understanding of the interrelatedness of the global world deepens. They come to recognize they are part of that world and have responsibility for it. They become stewards, empowered to effect change.

Giving students opportunities to serve their communities is an effective experiential way to learn about stewardship. Students at all grade levels participate in community service projects.

Students in high school work toward achieving at least 75 hours of service before graduation. Students plan and carry out their service projects with guidance from their teachers and advisers. They are encouraged to integrate their service projects with their coursework to gain deeper understanding of the subject matter.