High School Internship and Service Projects

Following are examples of some of the internships that our students have been involved with:

Water Project

Two 10th graders at Friends Meeting School, initiated a fundraising project that benefits two groups: Right Sharing of World Resources. RSWR provides the seed money to females living in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and South India so that they can begin an entrepreneurial program that will improve the quality of life for their people. The Water Project is an organization with the mission to bring clean drinking water to people by matching donors to partners who build wells and other water systems for people in need. Our students purchased a silk-screen machine, designed a tee shirt featuring a tree and the message, If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another, and have been printing and selling their shirts to raise money for a well-building construction project in Africa. The students learned about non-profit business, created a budget, kept their books up to date, learned how to use silk-screens to bring their art to life on t-shirts/bags, learned about marketing and raising community awareness, and presented at The Season of Peace program of Frederick County. They conducted mini-workshops on water issues with younger students at FMS. The compassion and 21st century skills these students brought to this internship made it possible for hundreds of children in two villages to have clean drinking water in their villages.

School Newspaper

Several 10th graders, created our first school newspaper, The Falcon. They did research on news reporting, newspaper production, and sales. A business plan was created and submitted, a budget was created, templates were chosen, they solicited ads from local vendors, and produced stories and photographs that were put into the first three newspapers that they printed. They have created a new FMS student publication that we hope will continue for many years.

Children's Book

A 9th grader's independent study project has him writing a bi-lingual children's book about a puffy cheeked pig that gets teased, but continues to face life with optimism. He is working with a FMS parent and another 9th grade student on illustrations. He will self-publish his book and read it to our FMS elementary students as well as submit his book to publishers in hopes to have it published for a wider audience.

Graphic Novel Published

A 9th grade art student and writer worked all year on creating a graphic novel based on a short story she wrote as a youngster. She presented her motivation and process to middle school and high school students with poise and passion. Her novel has since been published!