How to apply to the Friends Meeting School

Thank you for your interest in Friends Meeting School. We accept applications on a rolling basis for grades in which there are openings. We encourage all parents to apply for admission as soon as they determine they have an interest in an FMS education for their child.

We are always available to help with enrollment or financial aid questions. Please call Trey Harris at (301) 798-0288 ext 123 with any question you may have.

We hope you will find the application process is quite straightforward.

Visit FMS to determine that FMS is the right choice for your child's education.

During your first visit you will be given an information packet that includes various application forms. You may also download these forms here. Complete the necessary application and recommendation forms.

Return the forms with the applicable fee to FMS and schedule a time for your child to spend a day with our students. If you have not already done so you may request a financial aid application when you apply for admission.

Bring your student to school for their shadow day. This is a time for them to spend seeing our classes and meeting our students and faculty. During the day your student will be tested for placement purposes. In addition to spending time with students and teachers, he or she will also meet with the Head of School. When you pick up your student at the end of the school day you will have the opportunity to meet with either the Head of School to go over the testing results, talk about specific needs for your child, and have your questions answered. If you have specific expecations about our school this is a good time to talk about them.

The Admissions Committee will meet to discuss your student and make a determinaton as to their acceptance. That decision will be communicated to you promptly. If your student is accepted and your requested financial aid the Financial Aid Committee will meet to determine what aid may be available. Depending on the time of year and when you are applying for admission, the Business Office may issue an enrollment contract. A seperate letter is issued outlining financial aid awared.

Promptly return the signed enrollment contract along with a deposit by the date specified in the contract. Failure to return the contract by the specified date may result in the awarding of the position previously reserved for you child being awared to another applying student. Your student may then be placed on a wait list. If circumstances warrant you may ask for an extension of the date by which you were asked to return the contract. FMS may or may not be able to grant such as request.

Once the contract is returned with the deposit by the specified date your childs'position will be reserved. They must successfully complete their work at their current school and be in good standing when they graduate or leave that school. Any unanticipated change of enrollment status must be communicated to FMS.