Lower School

Elementary School

Elementary School is a time when students develop the core skills that are the foundation for future learning. As in all the divisions at FMS, there is an emphasis on skill development and fun. It is extremely important that students experience success and the joy of learning both at an early age and throughout their school experience.

We have high expectations for our Elementary students. The rigorous, integrated curriculum is challenging, but not to the degree that students get frustrated. The exploration of a single historical, spiritual, or contemporary theme may lead to art, math, and language projects, all of which demonstrate a broad scope of understanding of the single theme.

The curriculum is taught within the context of the greater world. Frequent field trips to meet neighbors and businesses or going to museums and nature centers help our students learn how their more formal classes relate to their life. The trips build on the connections with their world and local communities that began in early childhood.

FMS has a 54 acre campus and it is used as a learning laboratory. The students see first hand the flora and fauna that is native to the area. Butterfly and vegetable gardens as well as the nearby creek running through our woods attract all types of nature and students go outdoors on a regular basis to study and explore the environs. Science labs, nature writing, and group-building activities are regularly conducted on the property.

Students continue to attend Spanish, Physical Education, Art, and Performing Arts classes as part of the curriculum. Many parents are surprised to find their children performing on stage as often as they do. Elementary students experience music and drama as a regular part of their day-to-day school experience. These non-threatening experiences help the students express themselves in creative ways while they develop new skills in music and theatre. They frequently perform for both the student body and for parents and friends.

The FMS experience is a progressive, continuum of education, but students who transfer from other schools have little trouble adapting to the program. New students embrace the unique opportunities provided by Friends Meeting School.