Music training and performance are integrated into a Friends Meeting School education. Every grade level is given the opportunity to learn music both in and out of class. After school lessons are available for a number of instruments. While many public schools are cutting their music and arts programs, music and the arts are thriving at FMS.

While musical intelligence in only one of the eight intelligences identified by Howard Gardner (read more about Multiple Intelligences under Educational Philosophy), studies have shown the benefits of studying music for all students.

Henry Vogel, past-President and CEO of the League of American Orchestras, has spoken about the studies that show quantifiable, pragmatic advantages to youngsters who study music. Those benefits are, among other things, improved test scores in all areas, improved problem solving, a high percentage of participants going on to college and doing well — all kinds of real, measurable, and practical, positive effects of music study.

He also spoke about less quantifiable benefits and qualities of music study ...the arts in general, and music in particular, represent perhaps the unique achievement of human civilization — and you cannot prepare young people to be a part of a civilized society without teaching them to understand and fully experience its greatest achievements.

At FMS our students come to understand how music, and all the arts, bring richness and fullness to life.