Middle School

Communicating In Every Way

It Takes All Kinds

Class Plays and Annual Variety Shows give every talent a time to shine!

This rollercoaster between childhood and adulthood gives rise to ever-changing concerns. Friends Meeting School's Middle School program gives students a broad base from which to grow, and provides opportunities to learn new ways to communicate their new priorities.

Frequent practice with Music, Drama, Fine Arts, Athletics, Spanish, Academic discussions, and more give students experience communicating through various media, allowing each to find the way(s) that work best.  Each student learns to embrace his or her own voice, without peer pressure to match some mysterious ideal, and small classes where even the quietest can be heard.

Skills For Success

Friends Meeting School provides a safe, guided environment where students follow schedules similar to those in the High School, with extra supports to help them learn the skills for success.  Switching between 6 different classes and teachers each day helps practice planning and flexibility, while keeping the students in each grade together allows time for deep personal bonds to form.


Anyone Can Play

Every Middle School student gets instrumental experience of their choice, from piano to flute, electric guitar to cello.

While our students develop their academic skills, our curriculum helps them build a broad base of interests, talents, skills and experience from which to draw as they go on in life.

  • Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Drama and Music are important components of each student’s schedule.

  • Our Middle School Science Fair springboards many students each year to ribbon-worthy presentations at county festivals.

  • The Middle School Portfolio, where students collect their best work and present it annually to their advisor and parents, provides students with an opportunity for reflection and a sense of progress.

The Social Curriculum

Beginning and ending each day with a Homeroom session allows students to discuss the issues of the day.  Organization, Academic Prep, Social & Emotional Issues, and Teambuilding are handled in the first and last moments of the day, bookending the student experience with caring and thoughtful guidance.  Weekly Meetings for Worship allow for a more in-depth, focused approach to solving age-appropriate dilemmas.


No One Is Alone

Age-appropriate social and emotional dilemmas are tackled in Homeroom and Meeting for Worship.

Smooth Transitions

Many Middle School students feel trapped between the joys of their earlier life and the responsibilities of their future.  Friends Meeting School helps students flow back and forth between the Lower School and higher expectations:

  • 5th & 6th graders occasionally enjoy recess and field trips with the 3rd & 4th graders

  • 7th & 8th graders act as Reading, Math and Gardening Buddies to the younger students, while taking high school-level Math and Science classes.

Activate Your Brain

Our arts, like our academics, are organized to have maximum effect on these growing brains.  The more we activate, the more practice students get for using those cylinders later in life.

Find Your Voice

This is also the age when students decide how they fit into the world around them. To help them with this process, our Middle School classes regularly take field trips to community service centers, neighborhood businesses, museums, performances, and nature centers.