Top-Choice College Acceptance

Recent College Acceptances include:

The success of a premiere school can be measured by its ability to open pathways for its students.  

Graduates of Friends Meeting School are accepted to their choice of universities.  With the help of a dedicated College Counselor, each senior narrows their list to the schools that best suit their personalities.  Passionate artists have attended art schools, and students with computer talents have attended some of the top Honors Computer Science schools in the nation.

Our Lower and Middle schools have independently measured their successes as well: students who have attended Friends Meeting School often exceed their grade level by a full year just 4 years after enrolling.

The Reading Buddies program builds confidence in Middle Schoolers, and gives our youngest students friends to look up to.

The Reading Buddies program builds confidence in Middle Schoolers, and gives our youngest students friends to look up to.

Always looking ahead

Each phase of our academic program involves working with (or for) the students in higher levels; at every level, students are given a glimpse of their future, getting them excited and motivated for the next phase of their studies.  

Our Lower School students practice & prepare for the academics of Middle School through focused subject periods and exposure to upper-level curricula.  Our Middle School students, guided by attentive Homeroom teachers through the demands of a six-period day, practice & prepare daily for the responsibilities and rigor of the High School.  Our High School students prepare for the obligations of college through their Honors- and AP-level academic courses, and practice coping with their upcoming freedom through our Independent Study and Internship programs.

Accelerate at your own pace

Sir Ken Robinson discusses how to fix the 20th-century approach to education.

Friends Meeting School believes that learning is an individual endeavor, and that no two people learn in the same modalities or at the same pace.  Age-based, "factory-style" progress has proven incompatible with reality, and students in large schools are often hamstrung by the abilities of their peers.

Our classes, on the other hand, allow for great flexibility in levels - from the readiness-based classes of our Lower School sending students ahead by a grade or two in any subject they're ready for, to the Independent Study program in the High School that empowers students to learn the subject of their choice at the level of their highest goals.  Simple programmatic choices, such as lining up many levels of Math classes in the same class period, allow students flexibility to advance their grade level in certain subjects while maintaining the strong social bonds that form between students of the same age.